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  • Friendly and caring vet techs who learn your individual pet. They're always really happy to see my bulldog and know exactly her temperament and how to handle her. Excellent and quick care every time.

    Harleen Hufflepuff

  • I have been coming here for four years, so I thought my opinion must be worth something to someone. They have a great puppy insurance program which we were able to take advantage of when our Great Dane was a puppy. He had several very successful surgeries including: gastropexy, neutering, tooth extraction, and cyst removal. They send email reminders for all vaccines, because how could I possible remember? They have also helped us through a bout of skin infections, and several lumps and bumps I felt uneasy about. Overall, if this is a good place to bring a large breed dog- it's a pretty good indicator that they know their stuff. We have seen many doctors and they are all great!

    Lacy B.

  • 4.5 Google Rating