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  • My classic orange tabby, Orange Julius, got a bladder issue making him very sick. The staff's kind and gentle treatment, fixed the problem. 2 mths later he had a stomach problem. That took many visits to the hospital to fix. But, their knowledgeable, professional and kind ways fixed that problem too. I am very happy with Heartfelt Veterinary Hospital on NE Broadway across from Safeway. It is a good place to go when pets are needing professional help.

    Jo Foraker

  • There are few things in this world that I love more than my fur-babies. My eldest cat is 21 years old and she is the light of my life as we've been together since I was a preteen and she was a little, mewling fluffball of a kitten. I come from the clinic industry, myself, but some things you just need a vet for. My previous vet retired and I was displeased with her replacement at my old clinic. So I went a-hunting. I was introduced to Dr. Kimmel and enjoyed my first appointment with her so much she's now my go-to for all my cats. But this is why I love Heartfelt. 6 weeks ago I went in for what I knew was going to be hard and sure enough my dog was diagnosed with lymphoma. Dr. Mackowiak was amazing. He was genuine and he didn't pressure me into anything I didn't want to do or use scare tactics like other vets have done before to me. He is honest, upfront and respects my own experiences in the industry. Despite the 20 minute drive for me, I'll continue bringing my furbabes to these doctors and highly recommend anyone to them. The quality of service is what you're paying for and it is worth every penny.

    Elise Cannon

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