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  • I honestly had a really great first experience. I will be going back I am sure of it. I am new to Portland, having just moved from NYC. My two huskies have been with mostly the same vet for 4 1/2 years and the process to find a new one was already stressing me out. My older husky who has aggression when he is scared needed a emergency apt this Sunday. I didn't have a vet yet and was having trouble finding a vet with good reviews open on Sundays. I found Heartfelt, which had really great reviews and they were open on Sunday. First interaction, I had a really comforting phone conversation with them at 9 am when they opened where I was completely over whelmed. The receptionist set me at ease and told me that even though they were booked for surgeries that day I could do a drop off with my dog and they would be able to care for him in between. I drove over immediately. Everyone who Ink met with was great with him and listened to all of my dog mom speech. They were very compassionate and explained what they were going to do in detail before. Both the vet that would be working with him and the vet tech were awesome. I am horrible with names but I can imagine from mine and other reviews, that the people there are all pretty great. When I arrived back to pick him up a few hours later I was fully informed of how it went and what they ended up doing. I was at the lower end of the quote they gave me which was the first time that had ever happened for me at a vet in an emergency scenerio. They followed up with me today to check in on him which I appreciated greatly. So far my experience is a 10/10 and I look forward to the next time I need to take my dogs in that I won't feel like I do not know where to go.

    Taylor Stevenson

  • My dog was in an emergency health state and heartfelt was willing to take him in, even with a full schedule. I was so panicked about getting him in on a Sunday but they kindly took him in. Considering I have never been here before I was worried about paying additional new pet fees but I was pleasantly surprised that they don't charge for that! The cost was very reasonable and I was overall very pleased with my experience. The only suggestion I would have is to print out the doctors notes for the pets parents to review later!

    Madeleine S.

  • 4.5 Google Rating