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  • Not much to go on except my "emergency" visit today. My regular vet is in Oregon City, where I used to live. I still go there for $200 dentals and other services, but now the drive has made it impossible-- or a least difficult. It's been four years since I moved to town.I tried out one very popular-- and expensive vet farther north, but for all the hype I was unimpressed and they seemed eager to recommend products they sold even though they didn't seem necessary (my dog seemed asymptomatic. . .), so Oregon City was seeming not so far to go for decent care at half the cost.Been meaning to check out this place because I'd heard good things-- and it's probably a mile and a half from home.Thank goodness they had a cancellation and fit my dog in! Rachel and Dorian were patient and understanding of my overreaction to my dog's hot spot, which I had treated without professional advice with herbal products without success.Dr. Kimmel was very sweet and helpful. This may very well be my new go-to vet clinic. Hear phenomenal things about Dr. Mackowiak, whom I hope to meet sooner or later.

    Jill A.

  • My dog was in an emergency health state and heartfelt was willing to take him in, even with a full schedule. I was so panicked about getting him in on a Sunday but they kindly took him in. Considering I have never been here before I was worried about paying additional new pet fees but I was pleasantly surprised that they don't charge for that! The cost was very reasonable and I was overall very pleased with my experience. The only suggestion I would have is to print out the doctors notes for the pets parents to review later!

    Madeleine S.

  • 4.5 Google Rating