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  • The vets and staff here are kind and caring. The first kitten I got from the humane society only lived 6 months before he succumbed to FIP. The care the staff took when the sad moment came made everything easier. I have since adopted two other cats and the staff take good care of them. One of my cats is a bit bitey but they manage him well. The plan ensures that I can get them teeth cleanings on a regular basis (something I had never thought about) and even xrays were covered for my cat that likes to eat random things. The office is clean and modern and I have never had difficulty getting in right away if there is a serious concern.

    A Google User

  • I am soooo grateful this good doctor does not declaw cats! I know he truly has a cat's well being 1st in his heart! THANK YOU DOCTOR! RESPECT!

    Kat Chaplin

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